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About us

The EcoLab Foundation for Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship aims to foster active citizenship, democratic governance and sustainable development in Armenia by empowering youth who live in the regions of Armenia and have limited access to such opportunities. Against the backdrop of low civic participation and unsustainable environmental practices, EcoLab’s projects build the capacity of youth to work toward a shared vision of a democratic, peaceful and sustainable Armenia. Through youth empowerment and capacity development EcoLab supports young people to have collective power of impacting the decision-making processes in the country and building a better tomorrow for themselves and their communities. EcoLab’s main program areas are “Re.Action”, focused on empowering youth through non-formal peer training in citizenship and sustainable development education and the “Boo Alternative House”, a sustainable and eco-friendly training space, community center and tourist attraction located in the Lori region. EcoLab is driven by youth, all of whom were previously participants, including the current management team, consisting of two full-time staff members, supported by several others on volunteer and contract basis. EcoLab’s staff and volunteers believe in its mission and shared values of democratic principles, inclusion, gender mainstreaming, and diversity, and are proud to say that the foundation itself is an example of how teamwork, dedication, and youth participation in all levels can lead to success. EcoLab’s commitment to its mission and vision has resulted in many sustainable and effective outcomes, including the creation of a handbook on Education for Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship, a publication on “Social Entrepreneurship for CSOs” and a growing network of local facilitators, mentors, and volunteers. Since 2012, eleven Armenian youth participants have completed the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg facilitator education program. During their educational year they were supported by learning supervision of experienced non-formal education facilitators, thus adhering to the quality standards of the EU youth trainer curricula. EcoLab’s approach and methodology have proven to be successful in engaging young people from Armenia and other parts of the world as active citizens and empowering them to be changemakers and multipliers of knowledge and experience. After four years of successfully implementing non-formal education programs, the EcoLab Foundation for Sustainable Development & Active Citizenship was registered in 2015. Ever since, EcoLab has paved the way for youth participation in community life and civic processes in Armenia. The foundation works closely with many other local and international partners; it is an active member of the Armenian Environmental Education Network and a member of MitOst Association (Germany), with whom it has partnered for the implementation of several local and international projects. EcoLab is also a member of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education Eastern European Network of Citizenship Education and Ashoka ChangemakerXchange.


Sustainable, equitable and fair Armenia where citizens are actively engaged in their communities.


EcoLab Foundations strives for positive social transformation that can be achieved through supporting youth empowerment and participation in democratic governance and active citizenship ultimately creating sustainable and equitable communities.

Our Team

We are a team of young enthusiastic people who strive to bring about social changes that lead to having equity, democracy and sustainability in our country. Therefore, in our work we all are driven by values as transparency, equity, commitment to our mission, and the readiness to share and support. EcoLab Foundation is managed by the coordination team currently composed of three full-time staff members who take care of the organization of local and international trainings, as well as for handling the networking, fundraising and promotion tasks of the EcoLab Foundation’s projects, the Boo Alt House, etc. Beyond this, the foundation has a pool of 11 local facilitators who have completed the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg facilitator education year, and are all qualified to facilitate the foundation’s trainings on such topics as active citizenship, sustainable development, project management, conflict and gender issues. The coordinators’ and the facilitators’ team, however, does not close up at this point. A powerful part of us is our alumni network among whom we have a groups of mentors who have been selected to supervise peer projects. Our alumni network incorporates few but quite successful young social entrepreneurs who have started their initiatives at their education year and are successfully running them till today. We are delighted to have a group of committed volunteers and simply friends and donors who make an invaluable part of our foundation.
35+ Trainings
12 Trainers
25 Mentors
200 Alumni

What We Do

We at EcoLab Foundation provide capacity development trainings for the youth of rural communities of Armenia on such topics as active citizenship, sustainable development, community development, social entrepreneurship, gender and conflict issue. We do this to empower them to influence the decision-making process at different levels and to make them committed to developing their local communities. In addition to this, we organize international trainings and cooperate with similar organizations abroad. We organize informative sessions and host representatives of international organizations for raising funds for new projects. We also run the “Boo Alternative House” which is a hub in Vanadzor, Lori region, intended for hosting workshops and meetings, where youth can organize their initiatives and test innovative ecological and social ideas.

Sustainable Development

Our trainings are focused on the principles of Sustainable Development.

Active Citizenship

We promote active citizenship and participation among youth.

Community Development

Our participants receive seed-funding to implement asset-based community projects.


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<span style="font-weight: 400;">In this section you will find the latest news, announcements, media coverages about EcoLab Foundation’s current and upcoming projects, the Boo Alt House, updates from the team and our alumni network. </span>

Young Social Entrepreneurs in Armenia?

This is the main goal of EcoLab’s recent project BooStart. This 15-month project, which began on January 2, 2018 and is expected to finish on

The Power of Art in Politics

-Are you interested in actual civic, social and art processes in your country? -Do you want to collaborate with individuals who have different experiences and

Սկսվում է Re.Action 2018-ը. շտապե՛ք դիմել

էկոԼաբ հիմնադրամի Re.Action ծրագիրը հնարավորություն է տալիս երիտասարդներին ձեռք բերել ծրագրեր իրականացնելու հմտություններ, կյանքի կոչել իրենց մտքերը և իրենց ներդրումն ունենալ սեփական համայնքների զարգացման գործում:


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