Boo Alt House

EcoLab strives to activate the social and civic life in the regions of Armenia, alongside with creating more sustainable foundation for our activities. Therefore, the EcoLab foundation has bought and renovated an abandoned summer house near Vanadzor, Lori region, turning it into a community and youth center. It is the only location of its kind in the region, offering a non-formal space for young people to engage in educational and cultural activities. Boo Alternative House acts as a hub for hosting workshops and meetings, where local youth can organize their initiatives and test innovative ecological and social ideas. It’s a place where exchanges with local and international experts, artists, activists, and travelers take place. The space  is multi-purpose and can host various projects: trainings, hikes, art residencies, yoga classes, team meetings or simply retreats.

A substantial part of the income generated from the house will be invested in supporting sustainable start-up community projects of our alumni throughout rural communities of Armenia.